Wedding Ceremonies : The Role of a Civil Marriage Celebrant

A Civil marriage Celebrant is appointed by the Australian Government’s Attorney Generals
Department, and is authorised to solemnise marriage anywhere in Australia in accordance with the
Marriage Act 1961

To meet this requirement and to make the day especially for you happy
and as stress free as possible we need to:

  • Have an initial meeting free of charge at your favourite café or another venue of your choice
  • A warm relaxed and friendly approach from the initial planning through to the completion of your wedding ceremony
  • Reasonable fees, please contact me for more information
  • An information pack which includes an explanation of the process and useful tips
  • Meetings to discuss each aspect of your ceremony
  • Management of the legal requirements including all the necessary forms. Examples of vows readings and sample ceremonies to get the creative ideas flowing
  • Your wishes reflected in each aspect of your ceremony
  • A mini rehearsal
  • Your complete Ceremony beautifully presented as a memento
  • The transformation of your dream ceremony into a reality on the big day

At this meeting we will discuss all aspects of the ceremony date, time, venue, the type of ceremony,
that will make it uniquely your day.

If you decide to confirm the use of my services as your Authorised Marriage Celebrant we will start by completing the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage Form).

Underthe marriage Act 1961 there are certain legal requirements that you as a couple intending to marry are required to meet prior to the marriage being solemnised this information is required from you for the first meeting.

  • 1.Completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be lodged with your Marriage Celebrant no less than one month and one day ( one calender month) and no more than eighteen months prior to the marriage being solemnised.
  • 2.You must produce your original Birth Certificate, or authorised extract of such Certificate, or Passport if born in Australia.
  • 3.Persons born outside Australia are also required to produce current Passport, Birth Certificate or citizenship papers will be acceptable. If a person born outside Australia has neither a Birth Certificate nor Passport issued by a government or overseas country a Statuary Declaration is acceptable. A Certified Translation is required if in a language other than English. All originals to be sited.
  • 4.Divorce persons must produce -a Decree Absolute (for a Divorce finalised before 1 July 2002) or Certificate of Divorce (for a Divorce finalised after 1 July 2002). Some countries have an Annulment Process in lieu of a divorce system. In this case Annulment documentation must be produced.
  • 5. If widowed at he original Death Certificate or extract of Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate must be produced.
  • 6 Under the Marriage Act 1961 two persons under the age of eighteen can not marry / a person sixteen or seventeen can marry a person eighteen or over , but they must obtain parental consent and approval by a court of law.
  • 7.Two persons will be required to witness the ceremony on the day and they must be at least eighteen years of age.
  • 8.Before the marriage can be solemnised both parties will be required to sign the “Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. This is to be signed before the Ceremony.
    Prior to further meetings I will be available by phone or email to discuss details and ideas in relation to the ceremony. As your Celebrant my goal is to make your ceremony a happy and harmonious occasion and that together we make it uniquely your “Moment to Remember

Commitment Ceremonies
Commitment Ceremonies is a ceremony for couples whether to express publicly their love an d commitment to each other in a personal and meaningful ceremony. The format can follow a formal tradition with vows and can include rituals or create your own.

Renewal of Vows
To celebrate a special wedding anniversary or you were married overseas and want family and friends to be part of a special a special moment a renewal of vows ceremony is for you. A ceremony where you reaffirm your original marriage vows, promises and commitment to each other

Naming days:
The Naming Day is very special it announces the name of your beloved child and introduces them to family and the wider community. Parents publicly acknowledge responsibility to the child. The name shapes the future giving the child identity and a sense of belonging to the family and community

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